Tenant Rental Properties is welcome to think along and therefore we offer you the possibility to buy subscriptions that take away all your property related worries. Whether you choose for a complete subscription to take over all your duties or a subscription in which you still arrange things yourself, with a subscription of Tenant Rental Properties it is possible. We have the following subscriptions which we offer you. Customization is, in consultation, possible for specific cases ofcourse.




Legal Subscription

Do you not want to have any worries when you are in a dispute or face any other problems that can arise between you and your tenant in the period you rent out your property? With a legal subscription Tenant Rental Properties to take any worries out of your hands. You know exactly where you are standing pricewize.

Why choose a legal subscription?

  • A legal service that you can reach 6 days a week from 8.00AM to 9.30PM
  • A respons within 24 hours;
  • Check your legal status free of charge;
    We will check your exact duties and obligations
  • When Tenant Rental Properties gives you legal advice you will receive the first ½ an hour free of charge;
  • A legal helping hand should your tenant be overtime with paying the rent;
  • Legal letters free of charge adressed to your tenant;
  • Periodic newsletter with relevant (legal) facts about rental properties.

Tenant Rental Properties likes to be flexibel in thinking along your wishes. We offer the possibility to take over your care for the property complete or partial. If you do not wish to have a subscription we also offer a separate solution for each legal issue through a quotation.


This is what Tenant Rental Properties can offer you:




You can quote for a subscription at any given time. Normally you engage in a subscription for a minimum of 6 months with a 2 month term of notice.

We consciously say ‘normally’ since we understand you want the subscription to match the period you rent the property.
If any questions arise, feel free to contact us by phone. You can reach us monday through saturday from 8.00AM to 21.30PM!

Request a quote for a product

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Request a quote for a subscription

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