You want to rent a property?

Tenant Rental Properties want to point out that you do not have to pay any agency fees. Actually it is very simple, if you want to rent a property with Tenant Rentals Property it does not cost you anything.

We like to give you a selection from our listings which are tailored to your lifestyle and your personal situation. By filling out the contact form as completely as possible, you will help us to find you a suitable property. Of course you can contact us directly as well.

Schedule an appointment, to see property?

We arrange an appointment for you to visit the property. Appointments at evening hours or in the weekend are also possible.

You have found your property?

We will check if you have the financial capacity to rent the property. For this we need a valid ID, paycheck and an employer’s certificate. If you are self employed we will need your current income tax return or an Accountants Statement. If you are retired we will ask for your current income tax return. When the rental case suits your financial capacity our Legal Services Department will draft a rental agreement. Tenant Rental Properties will send you a concept rental agreement as well as the general terms and conditions.

Procedures and Key hand-over

When the rental agreement and related documents are approved by the tenant as well as the landlord we proceed to sign all documents. At this moment you will have to pay the landlord one month’s rent and the deposit. After this we will make an appointment for the final acceptances. You will receive a clear delivery report. A delivery report indicates the status of the property at the exact date of the start of the rental agreement. This way we do not have any ambiguities at the end of the rental agreement. When you start to rent the property you have to pay two month’s of deposit. Of course you get this deposit back from the landlord at the end of the rental agreement, once the status of the property remains as agreed in delivery report.

After this official part Tenant Rental Properties hand over your key and wish you all the best with your new home.

Even after handing over the key Tenant Rental Properties remains active.

Tenant Rental Property will inform each year if the property still conforms to your wishes and if there is any thing we can do for you.
Does any repair jobs or yearly maintenance have to be done? Tenant Repair Service will help you out. We have our own Repair Department, which provides a quick response. Very convenient as we have immediate contact with the landlord to agree the maintenance. Very easy, you do not have to arrange anything!

Ask us for more information about our repair subscriptions.



Why choose Tenant Rental Properties?

  • No agency fees for the tenant.
  • Tenant Repair Service. For all your repair jobs or yearly maintenance.
  • Perfect legal agreements.
    We have our own Legal Services department. Because of this we can offer you professional agreements and professional advice, legal rental agreements and legal delivery reports.
  • Affordable properties located in perfect locations.
  • You can reach us by phone from monday to saturday from 8.00AM to 9:30PM.

A tenants experience

“I was looking to rent a house, and signed up with Tenant Rental Properties. I got an offer to rent a house that matched my wishes, and I’m happily living there for three years now.”
Joost van Heijlen

Tenant to Rent (landlords)

Are you thinking about renting out your property? Tenant Rental Properties will find a dedicated tenant within 10 working days. We also offer you the option to choose our Legal Services and Repair Service.

Go to Tenant To Rent (landlords) >

Tenant Repair Service

Does any repair jobs or yearly maintenance have to be done? Tenant Repair Service will help you out. This service is also available if you are not a landlord or a tenant at Tenant Rental Properties! The repair service is for anybody that needs help.

Go to Tenant Repair Service >

Tenant Legal Services

Tenant Rental Properties is also your contact point for legal advice. We have our own legal department, which provides quick response and you are sure of a strong legal partner to assist you.

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Register for rental properties

Tenant Rental Properties are rented out within 10 days. Therefore it is smart to register. We will inform you as soon as we find a property following your request.

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