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Expat housing Eindhoven

Moving can be already be very exciting for Expats. The living accommodation doesn’t have to be an extra care for Expats. Tenant Rental Properties helps both employer and employee with finding proper rental properties in nice locations. And with our full service options even take care of the tax related matters.

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Guidance for Expats & employers

Tenant Rental Properties offers full service for expat housing in Eindhoven and surrounding areas.

For employers we have simplified the proces to a (digital) application for the employee. After which we set the mediation procedure in motion. We assess the housing requirements of your employees and find them a suitable rental property in a nice location. 

Arranging expat housing

Guidance tax related matters

Appartement te huur emmasingel Eindhoven

Housing expats in Eindhoven and surrounding areas

We have set up to proces of expat housing so you as an employer have as little work as possible. Registration (digitally) of your employee is sufficient.

How we guide expats to a nice rental property.


After you register your employee we will send them a questionnaire. On this questionnaire your employee can write down what requirements the property and it’s location should meet. We will go through this list with your employee by means of a videocall.

Presentation of suitable properties

Your employee will receive an e-mail from us with properties matching the requirements. Your employee may present a property of their own choosing as well which we will check and give them guidance upon. We handle and guide the employee at the viewings.


When your employee is still abroad during the viewings we will view the properties with the employee by means of a videocall at the property itself. This makes it possible for your employee to see the property real time, how the property is situated as well as it’s surroundings so your employee can make a well informed decision. Working this way we can prevent any unpleasant surprises upon arrival in the Netherlands.

Negotiation & offer

We handle the mediation between the property owner and your employee to make sure we get the best deal for your employee. Tenant Rental Properties will present the bid to the property owner or their mediator to prevent any failures in communication.

Rental agreement and key collection

Tenant Rental Properties guides your employee with the rental agreement after which the key collection takes place.

This is an essential step for your employee because he or she will like to get their deposit back at the end of the rental period.

Therefore everything should be documented properly. Doing so prevents possible discussions at the end of the rental period. An expat or tenant often lack knowledge in this area and doesn’t know what to take into account. We will also guide the application of utilities, television and internet connection.

End of rental period delivery

If requested the employee can use our services when the rental agreement is ended. We will then guide your employee with returning the property to the owner and the end inspection.

We will advice your employee by conducting a pre-check which things should be taken care of before the end inspection. We will at the location ourselves to stand by your employee during the end inspection.

Tax services for expat housing

In order to offer your employee a fill service package we have a co-operation with Profinancials expat tax experts. Profinancials are able to support your employee both tax matters relating housing as well as every other tax matter the expat will be dealing with.

Our experience has learned us that many foreign employees that settle in the Netherlands have many questions about the procedures they have to follow. They will face quite a lot of legal formalities which they need to apply to in a short matter of time. This comes on top of searching for a proper place to stay.

To take these uncertainties away for your employee, you as an employer can take the initiative to offer your potential employee a briefing before they arrive in the Netherlands. This briefing will be done by phone by Profinancials and will take approximately one hour.

How we support expats concerning taxes

Expat tax experts profinancials for expat housing