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Legal advice should a situation occur where it is needed. Sure of legal assistance, specialized in real estate and rentals of property.

Juridische hulp bij huren en verhuren wide - Tenant Huurwoningen

Would you like to have all details of legal conflicts between your tenant and yourself taken care off during the rental period? With a legal subscription Tenant Rental Properties is happy to take care of all the legal paperwork. And you will know exactly what costs are involved. When you have legal questions you can simply contact our legal advisors. To maintain our high quality we solely work with legal advisors with university degrees.

Tenant Rental Properties is flexible when thinking along with you. Fully or partial care plans are possible when choosing a subscription. When you would like to be free of commitments we can offer our legal services based on a one time quote as well.

Legal subscription for landlords

Why choose a legal subscription?

You want to rent out your house, but how do you ensure a reliable and more important achievable rental agreement?

What to think about? And what is meant by the delivery report, key declaration and ‘normal period of notice’?

Creating clear and achievable agreements is of high importance. Something landlords and tenants need to sign off on before there ‘collaboration’. Doing this well beforehand prevents problems later on. Documenting the agreements is often viewed upon as the least fun part of renting out property. Because of this and lack of specific knowledge are the reasons it is often neglected.

Renting out to friends or acquaintances is often easy and swift. Agreements are discussed in person and improperly documented. It all goes well until a discussion arises. We have often seen the smallest of issues create a large aftermath.

Even when everything is properly documented problems between you and your tenant can still occur. In example when the tenant simply doesn’t uphold what was agreed upon. This in turn can lead to unpleasant situations when you don’t know your rights (and obligations).

“My tenant hasn’t paid the rent for months or is always late with the payments. What can I do about that?” Depending on the situation a landlord can terminate the rental agreement when a tenant has 3 months or more of rent arrears with possible obligated vacating of the property as a consequence. ““My Tenant has left my property and he left the property in a complete mess.”” At the commencement of the rental period Tenant Legal Services will provide a legal delivery report. A delivery report indicates the status of the property at the exact start date of the rental agreement. By carrying out this delivery report there will be no ambiguities for either party at the end of the rental agreement. “My tenant creates a lot of disturbance in the neighborhood.” The tenant has to behave reasonably at all times with the common care, skill and forethought which you also may expect from the landlord. Tenant Legal Services will take care of all your legal issues through their own legal department, which is specialized in Real Estate law and European contract law.
With a legal Subscription from Tenant Legal Services you are always certain about any issue being resolved during the rental period. With a monthly subscription we take over all your potential issues and you know exactly what it will cost. Of course it is possible to buy legal advice on a one off basis if you wish. Whichever is easy for you so long as you do not have to worry about any legal issues.

Next to solutions that are quotation based and tailor-made, a Tenant Rental Properties subscription offers:

Maintanance + legal subscription

Pricing excl. taxes


Per month

Maintenance & repairs subscription, plus:

You can apply for a subscription at any given time. Basically a subscription is engaged for a minimum of one year with a 2 month end-of-contract notice. We specifically say ‘basically’ because we can imagine you would like to have the subscription to be the same as the rental period of the property.

Should you have any questions regarding our legal services? Feel free to contact us. You can reach us by phone from monday to saturday from 8am to 9.30pm.

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