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Rent our your property

Within 10 working days your property rented out. No results, no costs!

With Tenant Rental Properties your property will not be hidden with a mass-supply. Our active and focused approach will bring your property to the market while giving you full care-free service.

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Rent out your property

A suitable tenant renting your property within 10 working days? Tenant Rental Properties makes it happen.

We pro-actively bring your property to the attention of suitable tenants who are looking to rent good property in nice locations.

We keep you well informed when we offer your property to tenants. The focus on service and a highly personal approach is what makes our promises possible.

Register your property

Registering comes without obligations. After you register your property with us we will contact you to hear your wishes and explain the opportunities.

No results, no costs! 
Your registration is fully free of obligations.

Renting out with tenant rental properties

fast and secure

Rent out your house within 10 working days without any cares. No results, no costs.

attention and diligence

Personal attention and diligent in selecting reliable, suitable and satisfied tenants.

full service

We offer you as property owner a full service package and guide you through the entire rental proces.

repair service

If you would like us to take care of your property, we offer a full-service repair service during the rental-period.

business hours

Contact us by phone from monday to saturday from 8am to 9.30pm.

attention for client and property

At Tenant Rental Properties you and your properties are not one in many. We offer tailor-made service.

Register your property

Registering your property is free from any obligations. After you register we will contact you to hear about your wishes and eplain the opportunities.

Tenant Rental Properties will rent out your property within 10 working days. And if we don’t, you won’t be paying anything. 

Truly: no results, no costs. Should it happen you are free to cancel the order, or to continue our services at the same conditions.

You can be sure that when your property for some reason is harder to rent out, we will give our absolute best to ensure a swift renting out proces.

How does renting out a house work?

You want to rent out your house

When renting out your house, you need to take all kinds of matters into account. Many home owners that have a house to rent out will have questions like:

  • How will I find a suitable tenant on short notice?
  • What are my obligations as a landlord?
  • Where can I get a proper rental agreement?
  • How will I know that my house will be handled well when I rent it out?

Tenant Rental Properties is here to help you with these and any other rental related questions by offering you our full service package.

After you register your property with us, we will contact you personally. We will plan a obligation-free meeting to meet you and your property. During this meeting we will hear you wishes, determine the rental value and will explain how we will conduct our business for you.

But before we meet, we would like to give you some more clarity on how we do business.

No results, no costs

We dare to say we will rent out your property to a suitable tenant within 10 working days. And if we somehow don’t, you won’t be paying anything.

Truly; no results, not costs. Should it happen you are free to cancel the order, or to continue our services at the same conditions. You can be sure that when your property for some reason is harder to rent out, we will give our absolute best to ensure a swift renting out proces.

Finding a suitable tenant

Our main focus is quality, service and a personal, proactive approach.

We therefore actively search for a suitable tenant. To do this we make use of our large network and tenants that have specifically applied for a property like yours. We will also use our social media channels, companies we work with, expat agencies and years of experience and flexiblity in the rental property market.

You don’t have to expect group visits of tenants at your house. We have personal care for you and your property. Doing so gives us to opportunity to get the know the possible tenant in much more detail. 

To rent out your property feeling good about it isn’t simply about the finances of the tenant. We need to know whether to would be tenant has the right set of values to match your rental property.

Tenant check and presentation

When we find a suitable tenant, we will check whether the tenant meets the set conditions. We check the financial standing, valid ID and if requested a certificate of good conduct.

Only if everything checks out, we will present the tenant to you by giving you a tenant profile. When multiple tenants qualify the profile, we will prepare a pre-selection and will involve you as property owner with the final choice. It is your house after all.

Creation and signing of rental agreements

Tenant Rental Properties stands for clear agreements. This means we want to meet what was agreed upon. Our legal advisor specializes in real estate and contract legislation. Making sure you get sound rental agreement contracts and report of delivery.

We also take care of the deposit. Before the tenant starts the rental period, we ask the tenant for a deposit worth two months of rent.

This deposit will be forwarded to you with a deduction of our mediation fee (one month of rent + 21% in taxes). By doing business this way you won’t ‘feel’ the costs of our service.

Service and support during the rental period

Next to previously mentioned services by Tenant Rental Properties, you can choose whether you would like to use our maintenance and repair services and/or legal services.

Since the expertise on these matters is available at Tenant Rental Properties, we can offer these services at favorable rates and conditions.

Registering your rental property

You can register your rental property using our property registration form. We will contact you as soon as possible.

If you prefer a different form of contact feel free to call or e-mail us. See our contact details below.