Tenant Rental Properties

Beautiful rental properties in nice locations.

Tenant Rental Properties was founded in 2011 and located at Aalsterweg 89B Eindhoven.

Tenant Rental Properties is a full service provider when it comes to rental properties. Our service is based upon bringing property owners and tenants together while providing high service for both. 

Unique about Tenant Rental Properties are our own legal and repair services. This makes it possible to take all burdens away for tenants and property owners.

Because these are in-house services Tenant Rental Properties can offer these services at favorable rates while being able to guarantee high quality. Adding to that Tenant Rental Properties will rent out your house within 10 working days.

Coworkers at Tenant Rental Properties al have a clear objective that drives them: “Do what you promise”. We do not try to keep our promises, we simply keep them. Fair an transparant business.

At the same time Tenant Rental Properties believes this it not something to write or talk about. But should be experienced by our clients. We invite you to get pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of Tenant Rental Properties!