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Maintenance & repairs

Renting and living should be care free.
Tenant Rental Properties offers maintenance and repair services. These services take the care and execution of a variety of maintenance and repair chores out of your hands.

Reparatiedienst huurwoningen tenant

Save time & money

Maintenance and repairs are inevitable. Tenant Rental Properties offers maintenance and repair services for rental properties so you can be sure of proper maintenance of your property.

Thanks to our in-house maintenance service and our network of service representatives we can offer this service on demand or as a subscription.

We will help you skillfully and fast with competitive pricing without you having to manage everything yourself.

Benefits of a subscription

*location dependent

Why choose a maintenance & repairs subscription?

Because you care for your property

Wheter you are property owner or a tenant, for every type of maintenance of your property or rented home you are at the right adres with the service of Tenant Rental Properties.

Our service can be used when you are renting out or renting a property arranged by or without Tenant Rental Properties.

U can use our service with a subscription or on demand.

Scheduled maintenance

Examples are yearly maintenance of the central heating system, sweeping chimneys or cleaning the gutters. Whether the Tenant is accountable for the costs or not, as a landlord you bear responsiblity for this as well.

Both landlord as tenant have legitimate interest in proper maintenance.

Small time consuming chores

Everyone know these small time consuming chores. Hanging up that shelf that has been sitting in the corner for months, the skirting boards aren’t fixed yet or the ceiling light that still needs to be installed.

Tenant Rental Properties will gladly handle these types of small chores as well freeing up time for yourself.

Immediately required repairs

Imagine your tenant calls you and tells you the toilet no longer flushes. Or even worse, there is a leakage and you property is flooded. It can happy any moment.

As a landlord you have an obligation to get these type of situation fixed as soon as possible. But where do you start when you’re at work? Or even outside of the country?

Now, u can have it fixed with one phone call. Tenant Rental Properties takes care of everything for you. We have the experience and expertise making the price and terms of service favorable as well.

Subscription and products

A maintenance and repairs subscription involves scheduled maintenance of the property as well as taking care of the yearly central heating maintenance.

You can choose whether you want Tenant Rental Properties to handle this or call us for maintenance on demand without a subscription. You choose what you like best, as long as your rental property is maintained well.


Renting out your property free of cares, staying abroad or simply not that handy yourself? With a subscription we are happy to to take it out of your hands. When it comes to repairs or scheduled maintenance you can contact us during our extended business hours and have us take care of the chores and repairs needed by our skillfull team.

Tenant Rental Properties is flexible in thinking along with you. Full or partial service are both possible when using our subscription. But if you like to be free of commitments we are happy to offer you are service on a quote-based model.

When carrying out maintenance and repairs on a quotation base our hourly rate is € 45,- excl. taxes. With a subscription you can be sure of proper and swift assistance.

Maintenance subscription for rental properties

Prices excl. taxes.


Per month

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Basically you engage a subscription for a minimum of one year and a notice period of 2 months. We can have the subscription be equal to the period of rent as well.

Using the subscriptions we can get a favorable rate on the activities. We are happy to discuss these and other possibilities personally.

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