Prevention is better than cure

You would like to rent out your property, where do you get a legal rental agreement? What is a legal delivery What is the term of notice? What issues do you have to think about as a landlord? Also as a tenant you want to know if your rental agreement is legally right.

Dealing with agreements are often seen as the least fun of the whole process, not for us! It is too important to neglect. It is important for the Landlord as well as for the tenant that they have clear legal agreements in place to prevent disputes afterwards.

I thought I arranged it well….

Renting out to people you know or renting out to friends , it is easily done. Often verbal agreements are made and agreements are drafted. This is all very well until a little dispute happens, often about the smallest little things. The effects can get out of control. Tenant Legal Services will draft and put in place clear legally binding agreements that give both parties, the landlord and the tenant, a worry free renting period.

When the agreements are unexpectedly breached

It could happen, even when you have legal agreements, that the other party (your landlord or your tenant) does not do carry out what is agreed. This could result in annoying and difficult situations, especially when you are not aware of your legal rights & obligations.




If one of following situations arises? Please contact us, completely free of any obligations

“My tenant has not paid for a few months or my tenant never pays on time. What can I do as a landlord?”
Depending on the situation a landlord is, after a period of 3 months of rent arrears, entitled to revoke the rental agreement with the result that the tenant has to vacate the property.

“My landlord does not do any maintenance to the property?”
On the basis of current legislation and regulations the landlord has to carry out any major maintenance to the property and the tenant has to carry out minor maintenance.

“My Tenant has left my property and he left the property in a complete mess.”
At the commencement of the rental period Tenant Legal Services will provide a legal delivery report. A delivery report indicates the status of the property at the exact start date of the rental agreement. By carrying out this delivery report there will be no ambiguities for either party at the end of the rental agreement.

“My landlord has raised my rent abnormally high, is this permitted?”
A landlord has the right by law to raise the rent once every 12 months. Although this is calculated by agreed standard indexation.

“My tenant creates a lot of disturbance in the neighborhood.”
The tenant has to behave reasonably at all times with the common care, skill and forethought which you also may expect from the landlord.

Tenant Legal Services will take care of all your legal issues through their own legal department, which is specialized in Real Estate law and European contract law.

Subscriptions and products

With a legal Subscription from Tenant Legal Services you are always certain about any issue being resolved during the rental period. With a monthly subscription we take over all your potential issues and you know exactly what it will cost. Of course it is possible to buy legal advice on a one off basis if you wish. Whichever is easy for you so long as you do not have to worry about any legal issues.



Why choose Tenant Rental Properties?

  • No agency fees for the tenant;
  • With Tenant Rental Properties our pro-active and focused approach will bring your property to the market;
  • Tenant Repair Service. For all your repair jobs or yearly maintenance;
  • Perfect legal agreements.
    We have our own Legal Services department. Because of this we can offer you professional agreements and professional advice, legal rental agreements and legal delivery reports;
  • Affordable properties located in perfect locations;
  • “No foal – no fee”. With the “ten” of Tenant we propose that we will have rented out your property within 10 working days. If for some unforseen event we do not succeed you will not have to pay us.
  • You can reach us by phone from monday to saturday from 8.00AM to 9:30PM.

A customers experience

“My tenant didn’t want to pay the rent, and I didn’t know what to do. My investment was instantly costing me money. Hilke has helped me in a professional way and the problem was solved in no-time.
Thank you Tenant Rental Properties!”
Anouk Biersma

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