Just because you mind your property carefully

For Tenant Rental Properties it does not matter if you are a landlord at Tenant Rental Properties, a tenant at Tenant Rental Properties or just anybody that needs repair service. Tenant Repair Service will fix all your repair jobs or provide a yearly maintenance. We are able to provide you with a repair subscription or we can help you on occasional basis.

Necessary maintenance

We will take care of your necessary (yearly) maintenance. For example : your yearly boiler maintenance. By law the maintenance costs are for the tenant, but the the landlord has a responsibility for this maintenance as well. So for both parties it is necessary for the maintenance to be carried out.

Urgent maintenance

Imagine a tenant rings with the message that the toilet does not flush anymore or even worse there is a leakage in the kitchen and the whole kitchen is flooded with water. It can happen!
A landlord has to take his responsibility to solve these issues. A tenant obiviously prefers this is resolved as soon as possible. What if the damage occurs when you, as a landlord, are busy at your work or when you are abroad for business or you are on your holidays? Tenant Repair Service will take care of your problems and solve them. We have the expertise and because we have our own Repair Service we are able to offer this repair service with favorable prices and conditions.

Small maintenance but you just do not have any time for it

Everybody spots them, a shelf that still does not hang, properly painting work that needs to be done or that lamp that needs to be attached to the ceiling. Tenant Rental Properties cares also for the small jobs where you do not find any time to do them.

Tenant subscriptions & products

With a repair subscription you are always sure of the regular control and maintenance of the property or that the yearly maintenance will be done.






Why choose Tenant Rental Properties?

  • No agency fees for the tenant;
  • Tenant Repair Service. For all your repair jobs or yearly maintenance;
  • Perfect legal agreements.
    We have our own Legal Services department. Because of this we can offer you professional agreements and professional advice, legal rental agreements and legal delivery reports;
  • Affordable properties located in perfect locations;
  • You can reach us by phone from monday to saturday from 8.00AM to 9:30PM.

A customers experience

“My central heating unit was making strange sounds and the paint on the doorpost wasn’t much good anymore either. Bram from Tenant came by, checked the heating unit and repainted the doorpost. Very professional and friendly.”
Ingeborg van Schen

Tenant to Rent (landlords)

Are you thinking about renting out your property? Tenant Rental Properties will find a dedicated tenant within 10 working days. We also offer you the option to choose our Legal Services and Repair Service.

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Tenant Rentals (tenants)

Looking for a nice and affordable house or apartment?
Sign up, completely free of any obligation. We inform you as soon as we find something following your request.

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Tenant Legal Services

Tenant Rental Properties is also your contact point for legal advice. We have our own legal department, which provides quick response and you are sure of a strong legal partner to assist you.

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Maintenance and repair form

If you are renting a property at Tenant Rental Properties, you do not want extra costs or work. We understand this, therefore we created the Tenant Repair Service. We will help you quickly and professionally, against favorable prices and conditions. Ask for a free quote by using the form below

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