You are thinking of renting out your property?

By renting out your property you have to consider a lot of issues.

For example:

  • How will I find a dedicated and reliable tenant in a short period of time?
  • What rights & obligations do I have as landlord?
  • Where do I get a legal rental agreement?
  • How do I know that the tenant will look after my property?
  • Bottom line : how to avoid problems with a tenant when I rent out my property?

To supply a complete package Tenant Rental Properties offers to help you with the questions as above. We would like to propose that we, completely free of any obligations, meet with you (the landlord) at he property. At this first meeting we discuss your wishes, the rental price and the way how we work. In anticipation of our first conversation, we would like to give you some more information.

Tenant Rental Properties starts working for the landlord

The vision of Tenant Rental Properties is quality and a personal & pro-active approach. Tenant Rental Properties will actively seek for a reliable tenant. To succeed we use our optimal network, social media, our experience for years in the market and our flexibilty.

We are doing this fast and accurate … …

Tenant Rental Properties is confident enough to say that we will rent out your property within 10 working days. If for some unforeseen reason we do not succeed you do not have to pay us. So: no result, no costs. If this happens you have the option to revoke our instruction free of costs or we proceed and we rent out your property under the same terms and conditions as agreed previously.

Tenant Rental Properties has found a tenant.

As soon as we have found a potential tenant, we will check if the tenant has financial capacity, a certificate of good conduct and obtain legal identification. After this we will discuss the potential tenant with the landlord. If we have found more then one tenant we will make a preselection for the landlord. Of course the final decision is made together with the landlord.

Record legal agreements

Our own legal department, which is specialized in Real Estate law and European contract law, makes sure you will have perfect rental agreement and a clear delivery report.
Before the tenant rents the property we make sure that the tenant pays the landlord a deposit of two month’s rent. The landlord will pay one month’s rent including VAT to Tenant Rental Properties as a fee for their work. This way the landlord will not feel the costs from renting out the property. The landlord has a reliable tenant and has one month’s deposit in his bank account.

Tenant Rental Properties goes further then only renting out your property

We offer the option to use our legal services and repair service. Because we have this expertise we are able to provide these services at very favourable rates.





Why choose Tenant Rental Properties?

  • Your property rented out within 10 working days.
  • With Tenant Rental Properties our pro-active and focused approach will bring your property to the market.
  • Care for reliable tenants.
    We will make a background check on potential tenants. Of course the landlord has the final decision
  • Care for your property by our Legal Services and Repair Service.
  • Perfect legal agreements.
    We have our own Legal Services department. Because of this we can offer you professional agreements and professional advice, legal rental agreements and legal delivery reports.
  • “No foal – no fee”. With the “ten” of Tenant we propose that we will have rented out your property within 10 working days. If for some unforseen event we do not succeed you will not have to pay us.
  • You can reach us by phone from monday to saturday from 8.00AM to 9:30PM.

A landlords experience

“Initially I didn’t believe in the promise that my property would be rented out in 10 working days but at Tenant Rental Properties they did it! I am now renting out my house for 2 years. I am very happy with the service provided.”
Frans Ring

Tenant Rental Properties

Looking for a nice and affordable house or apartment? Sign up, completely free of any obligation. We inform you as soon as we find something following your request.

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Tenant Repair Service

Does any repair jobs or yearly maintenance have to be done? Tenant Repair Service will help you out. This service is also available if you are not a landlord or a tenant at Tenant Rental Properties! The repair service is for anybody that needs

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Tenant Legal Services

Tenant Rental Properties is also your contact point for legal advice. We have our own legal department, which provides quick response and you are sure of a strong legal partner to assist you.

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Register property to rent out

Tenant Rental Properties aims to rent out your property within 10 working days. If for some unforeseen reason we don’t succeed you won’t have to pay us. So: no result, no costs. If this happens you have the option to revoke our instuction free of costs or we proceed and we rent out your property under the same terms and conditions as we have agreed previously. Of course Tenant Rental Properties will always try to achieve a quick rental.

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